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I am excited to have participated in a short panel discussion at the Campus mini conference. I discussed a variety of topics related to travel and reputation with two other panelists. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and experiences with the audience, and I learned a lot from the other panelists as well.

This event was a great opportunity for me to also connect with other travel industry enthusiast and to share my knowledge about reputation management. I am grateful to for hosting this event and for giving me the opportunity to participate.

Visit Summit

At this year's Visit Summit, the stage came alive with the dynamic presence of Hans and Menno. Their captivating discussion centered around "The Good, The Bad, and the Emoji: Mastering the Art of Review Data". Delving deep into the nuances of modern feedback mechanisms, they explored how the digital age has reshaped the way businesses interpret and respond to reviews. Their insights offered a fresh perspective on harnessing the power of reviews to glean more authentic, actionable insights from customer feedback. The audience was left with many new insights in today's data-driven decision-making.

Namarama Show

Today I am sitting here at the table with the authors of the book 'The Good, The Bad & The Emoji, Mastering the art of review data. This book has entered the #management top 100 and is at number 13 as we speak!

Menno Beker and Hans Keukenschrijven wrote this book with the help of a data scientist, Wouter Hensens. Menno, like me, lives in the municipality of Deventer (and will also tell you about it) and has had a company together with Hans for years where they help #hospitality companies all over the world to improve their service

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Boatside Chat #3

Boatside Chat #3 with Menno Beker, European serial entrepreneur and advisor to startup and growth companies aiming for the global market. Marten and Menno discuss the million dollar question, What is a good team? To find the answer, a CEO or founder must first admit their own weaknesses. Only after that can you hire the right people.

Menno highlights that great entrepreneurs are leaders, who excel at creating teams and visioning next steps. They do not have to be good in sales, finance or HR, except in a minimalist way. They run the business in a holistic way and hire the best in the world, accepting the price tag for acquiring the necessary talent.

Boatside chat