As advisors, Menno and Hans offer expertise not only in organisational dynamics but also in review marketing and big data analytics. Menno and Hans assist management, Boards of Directors, and communications teams in navigating the multifaceted digital landscape. They delve into critical questions: Which organisational structures, leadership qualities, and business models are indispensable in this new era? How can companies leverage review marketing and big data insights effectively? Central to our ethos is 'adaptability'.

The tried-and-true laws and models are gradually becoming redundant, even as new paradigms spontaneously take their place. The world might seem to be contracting due to the rise of digital technologies, but these connections are paradoxically weaving a tapestry of heightened complexity.



What makes Menno and Hans exceptional choices as speakers? With their combined years of expertise in digital and reputation management, coupled with their track records as successful entrepreneurs, they stand out as distinctive speakers. Their insights are grounded not just in theoretical knowledge, but also in over 25 years of hands-on experience. What truly sets Menno and Hans apart is their talent in simplifying intricate digital strategies, making them comprehensible and relevant for any audience. If you're interested in ordering a book or submitting a use-case, please fill out the provided form.

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